What we value 
The Fund has been a helping hand throughout the community for years. The bonds and experiences formed throughout the charity of a community, shows compassion and love. Henry County is devoted to acknowledging the primary importance of these two characteristics. Compassion and love are necessities of a community, not luxuries. 
The United Fund Team

The Henry County United Fund relies primarily on community volunteers to carry out its mission. Our Board of Directors, which meets monthly, is composed of volunteers representing all parts of the county and many different businesses, government entities and community groups. Local citizens also donate their time to serve on our Allocations Committee, which studies requests for funding and recommends funding levels to the Board.

Day of Caring, our largest annual event, involves about 600 volunteers and is coordinated by a volunteer committee. A full-time executive director oversees day-to-day operations of the United Fund with the assistance of a part-time administrative assistant.

Board of Directors
Brittany Riggs , Administrative Assistant
Lara Sullivan, Chairman
Cara Taylor, Treasurer
Ricci Atchison
Jay Davis
Lana Enlow
Josh Estelle
Inez Fox
Ron Huffman
Daniel Martin
Latina Masters
Eldon Pitts
Marita Roberson
Debi Ware
Ed Yanos