Accountability and Transparency
 ​Agencies and programs receiving United Fund monies are held accountable for their activities in the expenditure of these funds. Depending on the level of funding given, United Fund requires each entity to report on either a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. These reports account for use of our donors’ dollars and ensure the transparent use of resources for the intended purpose.

Our Mission
The Henry County United Fund works to enhance the quality of life for the people of Henry County through service, support and collaboration.

HCUF brings people together from many organizations — civic, service and corporate — to tackle the issues that matter most. By developing partnerships and collaborations with a variety of groups, we engage the best minds to achieve results that none of us can accomplish alone.
Each fall, we conduct a fundraising campaign by approaching people in their workplaces and individually. After the campaign concludes December 31, money that has been pledged and/or donated is allocated to nonprofit agencies serving Henry County citizens.

Who to Help? How Much? The Community Decides.

A volunteer Allocations Committee visits each agency requesting funding. They review extensive documentation the agencies have submitted in an application, including financial statements, tax-exempt status and the agency’s purpose — the target population, services and goals. Following site visits and application reviews, the committee proposes funding for the approaching April 1-March 31 cycle. The United Fund Board then votes to approve the allocations.

Day of Caring

​​​​ Day of Caring is a time when our community comes together and works to improve, well, everything! Every year since 1993 Henry County United Fund has hosted the largest volunteer event in Henry County. Every year we have volunteers of all ages from around the county come help to improve our community in any way they can. This year Day of Caring will be on September 8th. If you have a project and would like help from our volunteers, you can submit a Project Request Form provided on the right. If you, or a group, would like to register to volunteer, our Registration Forms are also provided on the right. After meeting the volunteers and helping with the great work that is done on Day of Caring, we here at Henry County United Fund have seen how generous our community is. We would love for you to see too. For more information contact us.
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